25 september

98ste ontmoeting Dance performance Eternal Me tijdens Beeldenstroom/ Woordenstorm

Dance performance Eternal Me tijdens Beeldenstroom/ Woordenstorm


20.00 h. 29 september

99ste ontmoeting BUZZ RODEO (D), PERU (PL) en Life Savings (NL) live!

BUZZ RODEO (D), PERU (PL) en Life Savings (NL) live!

Buzz Rodeo (D)
10 Fucking Stars:
This German band reminds me of the ‘90s so much that I’m shocked the music is coming out of mp3s and not a cassette. That was my first impression. My second was that Buzz Rodeo sounds kinda like Shellac, but mostly reminds of STNNNG.
The Stuttgart trio doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it also doesn’t try to cover their weaknesses with being balls-out crazy, like a poor man’s Pissed Jeans. It stands out in a positive way among the contemporary wave of noise rock bands.
11 good songs – they probably wouldn’t be hurt by some Electrical Audio production.

Peru (PL)
endrju - bębny
jorge - gitara, głos
orzeł - bas, głos

kobonk - bas (2005-2007)
grzesiek - bębny (2005-2008)

Life Savings
Life Savings make 90′s rock with a 70′s rock approach brought to you in the 10′s. The band was formed in 2012. They played their first show in May 2013. Endings is their first release. The songs on this debut EP deal with adulthood, ambition, mortality, discontent and wealth.

Life Savings is Gabry de Waaij (guitar / vocals), Nick van de Perre (bass) and Timothy Plevier (drums). Endings was recorded in 2013 by Geert van den Berg and Bas Jongboer, mixed by Bas Jongboer and mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork: Trois by Joncquil.


14.00 h. 30 september



20.00 h. 15 oktober

100ste ontmoeting DE KIFT op KUNSTRAND!!!!!

YES!! de KIFT op Kunstrand bij de viering van de 100ste ontmoeting op Kunstrand, 12,50 entree kaarten in de voorverkoop bij VELVET en via Yvo van der Vat!

komt alllen vieren!